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On Thursday night Tins & Gigs had a few beers at the The Zoo in Brissy and caught up with Noah, Oskar and Rory from Sunshine Coast based band, Dosed.

These guys are Australia’s (if not the worlds) answer to the heart wrenching void that was left behind when Sticky Fingers went on hiatus in early 2017. Their musical finesse & unique guitar riffs leave you feeling like you should be tipping back an ice cold brew and chatting to mates about these musical talents that rate with the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Thirsty Merc.

During our chat we found out that although the boys have been mates since before primary school, not all of them were into music from the start.

“I remember in primary school he [Rory] was a tapper, but he was quite good,” said Noah, “It just so happened that he always wanted to play drums.”

With frontman Oskar on guitar and vocals, Noah on bass and after Noah’s Dad hooked Rory up with a drum kit, Dosed was formed.

After speaking with band manager, Kylie, our suspicions of the bands musical inspirations were confirmed.

“Yeah you get pretty bored with the music on road trips with the boys, it’s just RHCP and Sticky Fingers the whole time,” she said with a chuckle.

Not to mention the subtle salute to Chilli Peppers track ‘Dosed’ where they got the idea for their band name.

We asked these legends what their favourite brew is these days and seemed to be easily pleased with whatever they could get and as long as the funds were there.

“Stone & Wood if we can afford it.” Rory laughed.

Do yourselves a favour, click the link;


check out the boys unearthed, grab a tin, sit back and wrap your listeners around Dosed and reminisce about the bands that made you fall in love with music from the start.

Cheers guys & enjoy..

– Burkey

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