SCENESTR Premiere: Stream Dosed’s Debut Single ‘Too Crazy’

Dosed's debut single is titled 'Too Crazy'. Dosed’s debut single is titled ‘Too Crazy’.

Brisbane/ Sunshine Coast alternative rock trio, Dosed release their debut single ‘Too Crazy’ tomorrow. Today, scenestr has an exclusive stream of the track for your listening pleasure.

‘Too Crazy’ was originally written by the group’s lead singer and guitarist, Oskar Campbell, as an application for admittance into university. The track has since evolved and Dosed feel it best encapsulates the energy they create at a live show.

“Oz spent a solid week down in the jam room recording all the instruments and then decided to put the vocals in there last minute. We didn’t see him, he only came up for Jatz and cheese at about 3pm each day,” drummer Rory Stirton says.

“It was a solo project that was quite produced and didn’t sound like a song we’d play as a band, but then we just started jamming it out at practice and it evolved into what it is today.”

“Lyrically, the song doesn’t have a single theme to it,” adds Oskar Campbell, “but it is more a representation of how thoughts can be scattered and overwhelming sometimes.”

With stated influences including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime and Sticky Fingers, Dosed’s bass player Noah Webbe shares how the trio approach making music. “After a while of playing together we soon discovered we had the most fun playing upbeat music with people really getting into the dancefloor. So we try keep that in mind when writing music.

“We never set out to play a certain type of music or fit into a particular genre. Growing up together we had a significant impact on each other’s lives and taste in music, so our sound is just a result of what each of us brings to the table and years of jamming to make it all flow.”

‘Too Crazy’ will be available on digital streaming services from 29 June.

Dosed Tour Dates

Sat 14 Jul – Solbar (Sunshine Coast)
Thu 19 Jul – Barbara Bar (Brisbane)
Sat 28 Jul – Music Industry College (Brisbane)

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