Sunshine Coast’s very own sock-knockin’-rockers, Dosed, are set to release their second single ‘Reason To Smile’ on November 2.

The alt-rock trio from the Hinterland made their way down the mountain in 2017 and have been carving out their sound of 90s rock splashed with punk, funk and reggae. Reason To Smile is a track taken from their upcoming EP, and is the kind of tune that makes the day feel easy. Influencing any occasion with subtly, it’s catchy melody and genuine lyrics walk along a relaxed vibe while still aligning with their dancing ethos.

Oskar Campbell, vocals & guitar, explains, “The song is about remembering and enjoying the simple pleasures in life”.

From the surface it’s easy to get caught up in its feel-good groove, but a closer listen reveals that the song features lyrics that don’t exactly match up. Oz explains the he was sitting on the melody and the first line, ‘I gotta find a new friend, I’ve been getting bored of myself’, for a while.

“It wasn’t until a couple of months later that the rest of the song clicked into place. By then I was in a totally different headspace which has really shown up in the lyrics. It shifts to the positive.”

In a way, the song demonstrates the power that music has. You can start writing or listening to a song in a certain mood and finish up somewhere totally different. The band are keen to follow up from the live version of Reason To Smile which was recorded on Balcony TV in 2017.  

“It’ll be good to give our listeners the studio version. It’s one of our earlier tracks that we’ve always had in the set list. It’s fun, punchy and gets people going at gigs.” explains drummer Rory Stirton.

The official Single Launch is set for November 8 at The Milk Factory in Brisbane. The heritage pub is known for its support for live local music, tasty beers and a keen crowd.

The new track from Dosed with be out on all digital streaming platforms on November 2. If you have a listen and get around the launch party, you can bet your your bottom dollar Dosed will be giving you more than one reason to smile.

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